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LUXE, The First & Foremost Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine from North-East India, connecting people at Global levels.

At LUXE we believe in Class, Exclusivity, Sophistication and Quality of Highest Standards. LUXE was created with an aim to integrate all creative segments related to Fashion and it's allied Industries under one banner. With this vision, LUXE Club came into existence. LUXE Club controls Operations of LUXE Magazine House & Studio and it's sister venture, HOUSE OF MEDUSA, The Finest Haute-Couture Designer Brand.

LUXE has successfully collaborated with many High-End Brands, and now runs one of the Most Elite Businesses of North-East India. With a wide network reach across India and the World, LUXE over the coming years hopes to become the Largest Umbrella Brand of North-East India, A dream which is deemed Impossible!

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