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Get ready to be wowed! LUXE is about to drop the freshestversion of "Merging of Western and Eastern Cultures: The GEN-Z Dominance" this month. As editors, we know that the key tosuccess is having that "editor's eye." It means trusting your gutwhile being open to new ideas. You've gotta keep one foot in thepresent while peeking into the past and future. LUXE has gotthat magic touch!
But let's be real, sometimes trends can seem like a bougie, aloof,and nonsensical concept. Why bother with them? Well, thesecret is to see them as part of the bigger picture. Trends arelike puzzle pieces in the grand dynamic of our society, culture,and even economy and politics. So, buckle up and get ready tosee the bigger picture with LUXE.

Luxe Oct-Nov 2023

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